This level of the Partner Program allows everyone to feel our attitude toward the partner as a native person. For you will be given all the necessary materials for attraction forex traders and the 24/7 support by Atirox broker`s professional managers. IB Commission is based on the commission from transactions of attracted clients. The more client trades, the more profit IB will get.

A wide range of marketing tools
Simple statistics system – no need to be a marketer!
High income – from 75% of the customer spread
The lack of initial investment
Get profit as you can carry!
Full access to all services of ATIROX broker
We take customer care work on ourself

IB Commission

Commission Micro Classic Pro Crypto
For 1 lot of FX 1.6 pips 1.6 pips $5.5 -
For 1 lot of CFD 30% 35% 30% -
For 1 lot of Crypto currencies - - - 0.4%

At ATIROX IB Commission based not only on the number of deals of attracted clients but also on their volume. As ECN Forex broker ATIROX interested that clients traded a lot and make a profit from each deal.
This calculation of paid commission according to the volume:

Up to 50 lots From 50 to 100 lots From 100 to 500 lots From 500 to 1000 lots More than 1000 lots
MICRO 1.6 pips 1.65 pips 1.7 pips 1.8 pips 1.9 pips
CLASSIC 1.6 pips 1.65 pips 1.7 pips 1.8 pips 1.9 pips
PRO $5.5 $5.6 $5.8 $5.9 $6
CRYPTO 0.4% 0.41% 0.43% 0.45% 0.48%

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Atirox Partnership Program have been created for the partners by the partners. We understand all the needs you have.
Whether you are a blogger, Forex mentor, facebook expert or active with online activities – you will find the solution for yourself.
Atirox IB Program do not require deep knowledge of the Forex market, but can provide high profits for attracting client to join Atirox. Register and become Atirox partner now.
You can profit by attracting not only clients, but also sub-partners. If a user, attracted by you, will become a Atirox partner, you will also receive a certain percentage from his/her profit. You will receive detailed report showing your income received from each sub-partner.