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Welcome Bonus $50

Get the freedom to trade!

Bonus accrual after deposit $1 and request to bonus

Bonus available for new client once only!

Profit is available for withdrawal

Maximum amount of profit withdrawal – $500

How does it work?

Deposit 1 USD for verification your account and upload your documents. Then start trading with Welcome bonus!

Welcome bonus is credited to the “Credit” field of the MT4 trading account (the value of the “Balance” field does not change) and gives you an opportunity open orders for trading.

Welcome Bonus is give for 1 month. After the cancellation of the Welcome bonus, the profit is available for further trading.

Example: You deposited your account with $1, verified it and got Welcome bonus of $50 which is shown in the “Credit” field. Then start trading and can withdraw your profit.

Terms for “Welcome bonus $50”

1. General terms

The promotion is valid indefinitely.
The company-organizer is Atirox.
The Company reserves the right to change the conditions or refuse to grant a bonus at anytime.
The Company reserves the right to cancel the promotion at anytime.

2. Participants

All clients of Atirox can participate in the promotion. That includes those, who open Atirox account during the term of the promotion.
Only verified users can participate in the promotion. For verification, you should deposit 1usd with any payment method and upload the scan of your ID or passport and scan of document proving your address to Back Office. The organizer reserves the right to require additional documents for identification.
Types of accounts involved in the promotion: Micro and Classic.
Maximum account’s leverage 1:500.
The employees of the Company and their families can’t participate in the promotion.
The participant should read these terms carefully and follow these rules. Ignorance of the terms can't serve as a valid argument when submitting a claim.
Other promotions of the Company can't be applied to the account participating in this promotion.
Only a private individual can take part in the promotion.
Internal transfer are not available on the bonus account.

2.1 Deposit can be made to Bonus account.

3. How to receive the bonus

3.1 Client must open Micro or Classic account.
Finish verification process – deposit 1 usd with any payment method and upload documents. Personal Profile status must be “Approved”.
To receive the bonus, you should submit a request in the website by filling all necessary data in the special form or submit request in Back Office while the promotion is running.

4. Getting the bonus

Bonus is granted during 2 working days, provided all the required conditions are met.
Bonus can only be claimed once in a lifetime. The bonus can't be granted twice.
Bonus funds are credited for 30 (thirty) calendar days.
After the 30-days period is over, the bonus funds are deducted and all open positions are closed.
Once the bonus funds are deducted, only the profit received remains on the account and the bonus account automatically turns into a Live "Classic" or "Micro" account.
The Account can’t participate in the Pamm service, that’s to become manager or investor.
Welcome bonus can’t be withdraw.
For withdraw the profit received from the Welcome Bonus, you need:
-10 lots for Classic account
-50 lots for Micro account
Minimum profit for withdrawal - 30usd.

4.1 The calculations take into account the type of trading tools FOREX, METALS. In order to claim the bonus funds, a client must submit a request. The subject of the request must be: "$50 - no deposit bonus", account number, e-mail and name. The application is submitted by e-mail or in the client's Back Office.
Getting bonus and/or trading bonus funds ON TWO OR MORE ACCOUNTS with same IP-address is prohibited.
Trading through an anonymous proxy server on the bonus account is prohibited. If more than 5 (five) connections from differed IP addresses belonging to different regions are detected, the bonus will be canceled. If any suspicion of fraudulent activity arises, and/or falsification of client's documents is detected, the client's account may be disqualified, and the client may be denied service.
Multidirectional trading is prohibited in the bonus account. In a case of violation of this term, the Company can cancel bonus and part of the profit earned as a result of the trade on the basis of the proportional ratio of own funds to the client’s profit obtained in the bonus account.
Affiliate commission isn’t granted for clients trading the “Welcome bonus $50”. Bonus funds are the Company’s property. Primarily the client's own funds are used in trading.

5. Claims

All claims can be sent to the
All claims should include the participant’s name and address, account number and a thorough description of the problem.